Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Lions, Tigers, Hurricanes, Hackers

As if dodging tropical storms and chasing hackers isn't challenging enough... today, a lion and a Bengali tiger escaped from a private zoo a few miles down the road from the Authentium offices in Palm Beach Gardens.

Both animals were later caught without injury to either animals or State wildlife officials. No damage or loss of life was reported. Luckily, the other five lions, four tigers and six cougars, stayed put, and were not part of the outlaw posse.

The zoo has released no official word, but it is believed yesterday's passage through the area of Tropical Storm Fay may have created an opportunity for the pair to escape.

Hopefully, by tomorrow, it will be business as usual, and the only dangerous creatures on our radar (or in our neighborhood) will be those in the malware business.

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