Friday, August 8, 2008

Counting Sheep

Brian Krebs of the Washington Post wrote a nice article today about how sometimes security industry folks don't follow their own rules.

In fact, it turns out that security professionals can be pretty bad at remembering not to send their usernames and passwords over non-encrypted wireless networks - of the temporary type typically slapped up at conferences.

Thank goodness none of them were in a room full of hackers when their credentials were sniffed*.

You can get to Brian's post on the Black Hat "Wall of Sheep" here. The part where some of the people change their credentials after finding out they've been outed (even thought they are still connected to the same non-secure wifi network) is, well, illuminating.

*That's a joke, folks. The Wall of Sheep experiment takes place at every Black Hat conference, and always, unfortunately, they post similar results.

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