Thursday, March 22, 2007

The Guns At Work Coalition

I received a survey today from the "Guns At Work Coalition" of Florida, asking for my backing.

"No way", I thought to myself, as I read through the fax. Guns at work?

Then I did ten second's worth of research on Google. It turns out that this lobby group is actually working with folks like the Florida Chamber of Commerce and American Bar Association to try and prevent "Guns At Work" legislation backed by the NRA and others from being passed by the Florida State Legislature.

In other words, these guys are not the "Guns at Work" coalition, but the "No Guns at Work Coalition".

Folks at the GAWC: If you want our backing, please consider making the name of your lobby group the same as your stand on the issue. If you are not for human slavery, calling your lobby group the "Antislavery Coalition" is a lot more effective than calling it the "Slavery Coalition".

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