Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Dyan Dyer: In Memorium

One of Authentium’s co-founders, Dyan Dyer, passed away last night, after a long illness. She was 58.

Dyan was an amazing person – I knew her as an innovator, a spirited member of the Authentium board, a hugely supportive shareholder, and an extremely energetic (especially given her condition) and caring person. Authentium would not be what it is today without her.

I never got to see Dyan in action as CEO of Command Software - she was already ill when we merged our companies back in 2002. But based on the energy she displayed despite her illness, I can imagine what a terrific leader she was – the evidence is there in the company and systems and technologies she built, and the folks she chose to work with her that are still with us today, and in some of the innovations that she sponsored that are just now reaching fruition.

There are several companies in Canada today that can thank Dyan for the considerable help she gave them in taking them public during her years working in Toronto, prior to her founding of Command Software - she will be missed by many.

Our thoughts go out to Gary, Dyan's husband, to Helmuth and Ishrak, and to Dyan's family in the US, and in Canada. Gary, you made sure Dyan's final years were lived in as much comfort and happiness as possible. You were Dyan's rock, and you have earned the respect of us all.

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