Saturday, February 10, 2007

January Rocked

Our financial year starts Jan 1, so January is always a closely-watched month for us. Last month, we beat our January sales target handily, and development delivered everything on the list. It was a great month for both the sales team, and the developers.

I expect this upward trend to continue. Our fulfillment team conducted twice the number of installs of ESP Enterprise last month than in either of the previous two months, and evaluations are up 4x over December. If this trend continues, ESPE will become our largest-selling product this year.

Our ESP Small Business product is going great and the British Telecom rollout in particular is getting off to a great start. Our other large consumer ISPs are also trending upwards. And after a successful RSA, it looks like we will meet our SDK targets for 2007, based on the rising success of our OEM, gateway appliance and MSSP customers, including Astaro, IronKey, Microsoft, MX Logic, Postini and Secure Computing.

I'm also very pleased at the number of applications coming online now, for both ESP Enterprise, and Elements, the new consumer platform. This quarter will see the release of Kaspersky Labs, SurfControl, Authentium Firewall, Microsoft Exchange, and IBM SAAS application modules for the ESPE platform. That's a great collection of technologies to be releasing in one quarter.

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