Thursday, February 15, 2007

Don't Ask, Don't Tell

And speaking of Fox News, this statement from the Kelly Middle School Principal, Scott Fain, has him admitting that Amero reported the popups as a problem:

"Principal Scott Fain... said Amero was the only one to report such a problem. 'We've never had a problem with pop-ups before or since,' he said."

So Amero was "the only one" to report such a problem - and before that, there was no problem, and there hasn't been one since, as in "zero" pop-ups or porn. That must be a helluva filtering program they have installed up there.

Teachers, take heed. Reporting problems such as porn-inducing popups to the school principal could be hazardous to your career, your family, and your liberty. Best to say nothing - that's the lesson here.

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