Saturday, January 27, 2007

250 Billion Served

Over the past fifteen months, we have helped our partners filter almost a quarter of a trillion emails for viruses.

Two investments have enabled us to do this better than the competition: our investment in scanner engine optimization (email processing speed), and our continuing drive to improve our well-respected Command Antivirus heuristics-based malware detection technologies.

When you optimize a scanning engine for speed, it enables faster processing of email. Many of our partners have literally tens of thousands of square feet of data centers filled with racks stacked with boxes running Linux or Unix, or Windows. If the antivirus software you run has a 50% advantage in speed over the competition, capital investment is reduced, and ROI is significantly increased.

When you include advanced heuristics, the system loses no time to updating, and provides improved interception rates over a longer period of time. Again, more mail can be processed using less equipment, which makes for healthier businesses, and happier end users.

Several years ago, several of our scientists and researchers embarked on these twin passions and achieved some tremendous gains in productivity. As proud as I am of them and this technology, I’m most pleased at the thought that we were able to utilize these approaches to filter over a quarter of a trillion emails for our partners.

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