Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Effortless Security

Getting the messaging right around a new product offering takes time - especially when that product is as new and as game-changing as Authentium's SafeCentral.

The tradition view of security - that you're only as secure as the last set of virus definition files you downloaded - has been around since the dawn of the Internet. Security companies have all spent a ton of money driving that message home. Reveiwers still base most of their reviews on IT security products on a score out of 100.

The difference between this defensive model, and what we're doing with SafeCentral, is night and day. SafeCentral is "effortless security" - or as Corey O'Donnell, our head of Marketing likes to say, it's "Security Made Simple".

We designed SafeCentral so you can transact securely irregardless of what kind of malware has infected your PC, or infected the DNS servers upstream of you.

This design allows us to protect people in the "real world" of drive-by downloads, hacked wifi hotspots, teenagers that borrow your PC, and ever-more-sophisticated social engineering attacks.

SafeCentral creates a situation where staying secure becomes effortless. No worries about updates, vendors missing a virus, no "zero day attack" concerns. It doesn't matter if there is a keylogger on your PC. With SafeCentral running, it can't get at your data.

Compared to the cost and inefficiency of ongoing treatment, immunization provides an effective defense that is almost effortless in comparison. That's what we're aiming to do here - easy, effortless, effective security.

Think of it as immunization versus a surgical mask. That's the message that we'll be working on improving in the coming months, and folks start to get used to the idea of a future without virus definition files, filters, and walled gardens.

Note: It's no secret that most banks now have initiatives around protecting consumers and are actively looking for software to enable this.

We believe banks and other financial insitutions would be smart to consider the wisdom of an effortless, highly-effective, holistic solution like Authentium SafeCentral versus traditional higher-maintenance alternatives.

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