Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Google Chrome's Big Weakness: Screen-Stealing

Google Chrome improves the security profile normally associated with browsers, but it also leaves users exposed to one of the largest vulnerabilities: screen-stealing.

Screen-stealing is a real problem and a major objective of spyware and malware developers. It is a great way for criminals to gather information they can use to commit identity fraud, or outright identity theft.

Here's some instances in which you *don't* want criminals stealing shots of your web browser:

  • When you're banking
  • When you're doing your taxes
  • when you're applying for a new license
  • When you're paying your bills
  • When you're doing email in your browser
  • When you're entering account details
  • When you're viewing family pictures
  • When you're modifying settings
  • When you're opening a new account somewhere
If you're considering doing any of these things securely, you should probably avoid Google Chrome for the time being in favor of a truly secure browsing environment.

The screen-shot above of Google Chrome was lifted right off the desktop, mid-way through a new account sign-up at a major bank. There are literally thousands of examples of malware out there that can do this.

Authentium SafeCentral does not allow screen shots to be captured: SafeCentral prevents screen shots from being used by online criminals and identity thieves. Google Chrome is not able to stop this from happening - nor are IE, Firefox, Safari and Opera. Only SafeCentral has the ability to prevent screen-stealing.

If you need to bank online securely, go over to SafeCentral and download it. It takes about the same amount of time as downloading Chrome, but it is much more secure.

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media kingdom said...

i'm willing to try it out just to see if it works more efficiently than FireFox... if it's faster than Firefox and isn't IE, then i'll use it