Wednesday, July 2, 2008

500,000,000 Unpatched Browsers

IBM, Google and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology have just come out with a really interesting study. The subject was the relative security of the 1.4 billion users of the four main browsers currently in distribution.

Browser security is the hot area of study right now. Last week I wrote a piece in the blog on man-in-the-browser attacks, describing why it is so important that you use a secure browser. If you haven't read it, you should. But back to the study.

The study looked mainly at two things: the security "holes" or exploits that currently exist, and the effectiveness of the update strategies used by the 1.4 billion users of the four main browser developers - Mozilla (Firefox), Microsoft (IE), Opera (Opera) and Apple (Safari).

Firefox, which uses a completely automated update strategy, won the day with 83.3% of users patched up to the latest version, compared to less than 50% of IE users. IE users chose to ignore patches far more often because of IE's "permanently put-off this update" approach - leaving them more open to browser-based attacks.

As the ArsTechnica overview of the report states:

"Firefox and Opera are both credited for including an auto-update feature, but the team notes that "Firefox’s auto-update was found to be way more effective than Opera's manual update download reminder strategy." How effective? way more effective."

We like Firefox at Authentium. Authentium's SafeCentral end-to-end transaction security solution utilizes a specially-hardened version of Firefox 3 in conjunction with our system-level hardening technologies and a secure DNS system.

If you're thinking of downloading FF3, or upgrading, I'd recommend you go over to the site and get yourself a really secure browser.

Note: the ARS article was entitled "40% of Surfers Don't Bother With Browser Security Updates" - for us and all the other people working in risk mitigation, the fact that there are half a billion unpatched browsers out there is one scary fact.

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