Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Buzz on SafeCentral

Internally at Authentium, the story about SafeCentral is well-known. But now a buzz is building to match the story - a buzz that is a lot of fun to be part of.

The story I just referred to is just part of a path we've been on, for many years now. As a company, our developer team has been building security software and serving up virus definition files for more than seventeen years.

In 1992, we released the world's first professional antivirus product (F-PROT Professional), a technology that many IT administrators still remember fondly - and still buy from us.

This technology incorporated some of the first, and eventually the best, anti-malware heuristics - a sophisticated set of technologies that was first brought to bear against the LoveBug virus back in the nineties, and has gone on to protect the customers of several software industry leaders, under multiple OEM deals, from thousands of threats since.

But the real story that is emerging currently is the story of what the defensive technologies will look like in the emerging world of predominantly zero day threats - a world in which even the very best reactive technologies can't stop hackers from stealing personal data, online banking tokens, or whole identities.

When our technologists first came up with the unique approaches to security personal computing environments, now productized as SafeCentral (previously VirtualATM), we were lucky enough to have backers and directors that recognized our approach that was potentially game-changing.

These guys voted to fund an approach that would be utilized to provide real-time protection, regardless of the amount of malware a consumer might have on their PC. These guys provided us with the cash and the support we need to get to this point, based on an understanding that the game is starting to change: reactive risk management solutions are within five to ten years of failing their SLAs. Pro-active risk management solutions are required in order to ensure business and consumers are able to continue to process information.

Last week, we received the results of third party testing of the final release version of our pown contribution to pro-active solutions: SafeCentral. The results clearly state that we are meeting our claims of enabling a secure, end-to-end secure session.

What is also clear from our testing is that our technology fares many times better than its closest competitor - a product that protects only certain types of text entry fields from keyloggers and screen-scrapers, and leaves pop-up windows and personal information in the clear.

In stark contrast to our competition, SafeCentral does an extremely good job of protecting users transactions, even when the originating PC has been compromised, or when the consumer chooses to go to a new site - an activity that most consumers will agree is an extremely common behavior.

We've come a long way in five years, and it feels good to be here. Developers, thank you, guys. It is really fun to be finally selling this stuff. Consumers, please go to SafeCentral.com and check it out - the full version is free, and we'd love for you to get the best protection you can - on us.

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