Saturday, November 24, 2007

"Koffi Anan" Email Scam

This morning I was forwarded an email from none other than "Koffi Anan", the former Secretary General of the United Nations.

Sadly, since leaving the UN, "Mr. Anan" has apparently forgotten how to correctly spell his own name. I guess it must have been the stress of the job.

That said, "Koffi" was considerate in wishing to apologize for all the email scams that have taken place under the masthead of the UN. He suggested that I contact a certain Mr. Jim Ovia at Zenith Bank Nigeria Plc, who has been instructed to forward me $150,000, no questions asked.

Folks, this ranks as probably the dumbest scam email I've ever seen. It is so outrageous that I'm left wondering if The Onion isn't somehow behind it.

If not, I take back everything I have said recently about criminals getting more sophisticated and intelligent, as a whole. Clearly, some criminals are evolving at a considerably slower pace than others.

Everyone, Authentium says: beware of any email that promises you money, or contains advice from a celebrity, or suggests you immediately contact a bank or lawyer you've never heard of because money is waiting.

Every single one of these emails is a scam, and if you respond, you're going to get duped.

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