Thursday, July 12, 2007

FTC Targeted By Phishing Scam

A few weeks ago, I blogged about some of the problems the FTC has introduced with the design of their online complaint form (FTC Complaint Form a "Keylogger's Paradise").

The FTC folks now have a new problem, and it is again complaint-related.

The problem the FTC is facing takes the form of a variation of the BBB email phishing scam that emerged in March. This scam looks so real, and is so well crafted, that only a single spelling mistake ("filled" instead of "filed") makes you think twice before opening that attachment.

Catch 22: The FTC cannot now respond by email and warn people pro-actively, because any email from the FTC must now be considered suspect.

Consumers, once again, will need to rely on their antivirus software to strip out this attachment, and hope that their antivirus technology partner has heuristics that are capable of detecting this kind of variant on the fly.

In addition the world's largest database of identified threats and variants, Authentium employs extremely advanced heuristics, designed to detect new threats.

Authentium's antivirus and antimalware services protect against all known forms of this scam.

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