Thursday, June 14, 2007

Vista Loses Its Virginity

This week, Microsoft issued the first-ever security patch for Vista.

The patch, issued this past Patch Tuesday, MS-07-032, is classified as "moderate", and plugs a hole in Vista's Access Control Lists.

According to Microsoft, the vulnerability this patch addresses "allows non-privileged users to access local user information data stores including administrative passwords contained within the registry and local file system".

Authentium says: labeling this vulnerability "moderate" is like labeling a runaway truck on a freeway "litter". If you use your PC to do anything important at all, allowing non-privileged users to peer at administrator passwords inside the registry could result in what us technology experts refer to as a "FUBAR" situation.

Vista users, you should download this patch and install it immediately. Vista 64 bit users, please click here.

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